A little bit of magic from Cartier and me. Specially for Cartier, Cactus de Cartier. 2016

Specially for Cartier
Cactus de Cartier

Cactus de Cartier Cactus de Cartier Cactus de Cartier<


  1. Very exciting to study this content.I would like to thank you for the initiatives you had created for composing this amazing content.
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  2. I'm really disappointed because most of yours models appears as copies of most knowed Sardinian Traditional Jewels! They have many thousand years of story. And surely exists before Cartier.
    Check here please: http://www.ladonnasarda.it/cose-belle/7099/la-fede-sarda-tradizionale-simbologia-e-modelli.html

  3. Hello! Thank you for the information. It's very interesting. I see some similarity, but I think nature always inspirates artists and designers. I think Sardinian artists were inspired by natural forms as Cartier's designers did. All of us just imitate perfection of the nature. And if you eye and compare, you will find principal differences.

    Thank you :)